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The USSR has given an important place to sports in general and mountaineering in particular. They created a reward for the best of them
In October 1967 the Office of the Central Council of Sports Associations and Organizations of the USSR decided to "put in place a badge of honor of the Central Council, rewarding the climbers who climbed the four summits over 7000 meters of the Soviet Union"

It was birth of Snow Leopard Award

This list was modified in 1985 following difficulties between the USSR and China, the peak Podeba was temporarily withdrawn, replaced by the nearby Khan Tengri, then reinstated in 1990 thus extending the official list to 5 summits

Snow Leopard Summits History
from 1961 to 1984 4 pics Communism, Pobeda, Lenin, Korzhenevskaya
from 1985 to 1989 4 pics Communism, Khan Tengri, Lenin, Korzhenevskaya
since 1990 5 pics Communism, Pobeda, Khan Tengri, Lenin, Korzhenevskaya


Liste des Snow Leopard summits

Ismail Samanile peak (also Communisme peak) : 7 495 m Tadjikistan highest summit

- Khan Tengri Peak 7,010 m on the border between China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakstan
This peak is 6,995 m high but its snowy and icy summit rises to 7,010 m.

- the peak of victory (so-called in memory of the Battle of Stalingrad) or Pobeda Peak
or Jengish Chokusu peak (independence in kirgiz), 7 439 m
this peak is also on border between China and Kirghizie.

- Ibn Sina Peak peak or Lénine peak 7 134 m, second Pamir's summit in Tadjikistan
see Lenin peak page in Roadbook

- Korzhenevskaya peak 7105 m, 3nd summit in Pamir in Tadjikistan

This prestigious trophy is still relevant.

The disruption of the USSR in 1991 did not happily sound the death for this awesome recognition.

In the new Community of Independent States, the organization of Russian climbers maintains Snow Leopard Award list

Currently almost 700 mountaineers men and women have been rewarded.

Snow Leopard award
Top sommets

Snow Leopard Award Summiters

This beautiful badge was created by II Antonovich from the time of the USSR.

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Rermark: Among the interesting information the 2nd column indicates the number of times the summits have been reached.

The record is 8 times!


The snow leopard is the emblematic animal of Central Asia.

it is unfortunately endangered, present in 12 countries, from Siberia to the Tibetan plateau.

It lives at high altitudes, most often between 3,000 and 4,500 m but has already been observed at more than 5,500 m in the Himalayas.

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