Top World highest summits

Nevado Alpamayo
Nevado Alpamayo located in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru was labeled in Munich in 1966 as "the most beautiful mountain in the world" because of its diamond's shape .

It culminates at 5 947 meters : altitude is not necessarily a guarantee of beauty.

However, highest peaks offer beautiful rock and ice combinations and amazing views.
Man in his conquest of verticality has continued to climb highest peaks and mountains all around the world.

Searching for a list of highest peaks by mountain range, I dont't find any unique list or at least contained errors or deficiencies.

So from various information and my own knowledge I build for France and for the main world mountain range this highest summits list.

My criteria were:
- for France, top 30 summits :
- Above 3000 m altitude to the Pyrenees
- Above 4000 meters in the Alps
- for Central Asia, list of peaks over 7000 meters
- for South America, the top 30 summits
- for Himalaya (Nepal and Tibet) the famous list of 14 peaks over 8000 meters


The conquest of the 14 highest peaks in the world or seven highest peaks on each continent are not rewarded with any award.

The former USSR was the only country to deliver the only awards for highest summits : the 5 peaks over 7 000 meters of Pamir. These awards and peaks are named as famous animal of this area : snow leopard.

These peaks are also identified in my list.

see page on Snow Leopard Summit

Snow Leopard award
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